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How to run a successful food business?

So have you stumbled on this blog hoping to find the answer to that question? 

What makes me a successful, restauranteur?

How can I be a better caterer?

What can give me the magic touch that is going to catapult my food business into the media and grow bigger than Maccas?

Wouldn't it be great if there was  a course or magic book that revealed all the answers.

The truth is that we have more in common with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz than you may think. I know that when I was starting out, I was asking every high profile person in the industry for their secret for success and tips for work. Now after over 20 years in the industry , I am starting to understand that we must develop our own style and offer our customers something unique and that is authentic that reflects what we stand for and that can be delivered in a sandwich or in a 5 course degustation menu. Experience is what allows us to sharpen our skills and make activities for success second nature. 

So this is what I recommend to get you on track. 

1 - work out why you want to get into the industry

2 - find someone that has the success that you seek and hack the fuck out of meeting, working and learning from that person

3 - have a vision of what you want 

4 - give it everything you have to give  your career the best shot that you have

5 - become the best version of yourself that you can be 

6 - google and youtube the fuck out of any idea that comes into your mind 

7 - believe in yourself 

8 - offer the world an authentic product and service 

9 - don't be put off if at first you don't succeed 

10 - when things are not going to plan, start by looking at what steps you can take to get the outcome you want. Deconstruct the fuck out of every situation 

11 - become a success 





Fresh Ideas

This is the page where I want to explore different ideas. From recipes to systems. Even just points that bug us till we get motivated to use our challenges to make our workplaces better and thus improve the experience for customers and providers.It is way too easy to get complacent and be clever and think, I am at the point where I know it all. This is a way too dangerous state of mind to be in.I think that by default, being an expert means that you are always wanting to sharpen your skill set and always open to accept that there is always an opportunity to improve what we do and who we are.

Chef gets fined for eating on the job OMG

So it's November 2015 and a chef got fined $2500 for eating in the kitchen after a customer complained to the front of house staff. They then proceeded to complain to the local health department and well, the result is that the chef has been fined $2500.

My main issue here is that of -

Where do you draw the line. What actually defines legally eating in the kitchen versus tasting ??

Let me know what you think.

Customer Service share

Well, it does happen. 

Some times we make mistakes and believe me, we do our best and go beyond the call of duty to fix everything for the customers, however, sometimes , it's just not good enough. 

Am I feeling way too vulnerable? Is it just that we fucked up just that notch way over the comfort zone ? 

Well, it is all possible, however sometimes I do feel that the customers want blood from us and just want us to be the targets, so that they can release all their personal disappointments to. 

I'm not saying that we shouldn't cop it on the chin when we make mistakes or when we don't live up to customers expectations, it's just that some customers, and it is a very small percentage, but they make it their business to milk the fuck out of our small mistakes. I will even go to the point to say, that it gives them their 15 minutes of power that they don't get to have on a normal day to day basis. 

Am I being a wimp here??  I don't believe that I am, however I did wan't to share my experience on this topic while it was still fresh on my mind 


Making Italian style sauces

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