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Operations improvement August 2016

One of our clients  runs  restaurant with deep fry issues has asked us to improve the fry system, from start to finish.The following requirements have had to be taken into account.

Oil needs to be cleaned during busy service

Lots of crumbs being used during fry session

The consideration that clients with allergies can not have food fried in cross contaminated oils

How would you have fulfilled all the requirements whilst maintaining a cost effective solution?

We evaluate first what the owners objective is, followed by what everyone in the teams goals are. We then look at the environment and the resources available and then come up with a kitchen solution that works and self improves over time.

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In this page i have shared with you some photos of some awesome antipasti Ideas. The antipasto for us is a way that guests can climb the diving board. It is a taste of amazing things to come. We choose to make all of our vegetables and only use produce that we love eating as opposed to items that are cost effective or that become crowd pleasers


Highlighting the fact that every part of the animal can be made to taste incredible as long as we treat it appropriately. Why not slow cook some mince with some flavour then add it to an appropriate salad. Balance is key here.

What is the point of having a low quality steak at a function when you can slow cook a cheaper cut of  meat and make it life changing and melt in the mouth