eggs and mayo

My thing that I do with eggs

How many times are you reading -

                                                       'Establishment poisons patrons '

                                                                                                                            'food poisoning out break'

Like what the fuck people ??? 

It is our responsibility to look after our clients - their safety comes second to nothing !! And thats the way I feel. Even if you are one of those operators that hates customers, don't  forget about this main fact -  NO CUSTOMERS MEANS NO CUSTOMERS !!! ( I hope you understand what the fuck that means)

What I do with egg yolks

I am not saying that my method takes all the risk away from eggs, because the truth is that there are no guarantees out there, however my process makes the use of eggs in mayo and other sauces safer. Give it a shot and if you don't like it , then go back to your way. 

Here are some simple steps 

1 Make sure you are using good quality eggs and that they are in top condition. I always get my staff to inspect the eggs, because well you know that sometimes things go wrong

2 Separate the eggs and place in clean bowl and place whites in fridge ( yes - don't forget to cover and date label )

3 Place the combi steamer on 80 degrees and place probe in eggs /   0r place over a double boiler and whisk over the heat till you at least reach 60 ( thus program your probe on 60 as well) 

4 Once you have reached a yolk temperature of at least 60 degrees, place in a processor and blitz the yolks till they are smooth. 

5 They are now ready for use and way safer than un heated eggs. 

If you are concerned that the heat of the eggs will split the sauce, then practice a few times till you get the hang of it. We make mayo and pretty much every sauce with the heated egg mixture. 

Of course you can use a thermomix to do all the above in half the time 








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