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Pasta Reggio - an underated pasta that performs like one of the best



Green Sicilian olives

Kissag Stick blender


We have used so many stick blenders over the years and this is one of my favourites. After seeing the promo email from the importer , I had to have one.  So I set off to the retail outlet as recommended by the original email and then I got one. kisag resize

They are still new to some of the suppliers and lets just say that the sales person on the day I brought it, from a catering supplier in Brunswick , was fucking clueless on the product. (but I'm talking clueless as far as product knowledge and sales system- the whole buying process was painful)

However, I did get it and we all love the way it feels to use and all kitchen staff of all size say that it is a winner  


Italfine Prosciutto di Parma



What else can I say about this yummy prosciutto. It represents immense value. Other brand names are dearer and not always better quality. So we vote it at my workplace as a top allrounder.

Every part of it cuts well. From the initial trim, right up 

to cutting the top. 

It cooks well and holds well if you need to pre cut for large numbers.

Even the fat is amazing to eat as is or done in the oven. 



Kitchen Thermometer - is yours working ?

Maybe I am stating the obvious , but one of my most  important kitchen tools is a thermometer. 

Yes, I can hear you, not only for compliance, but how about testing you meats and fish. 

I also know that there are some kitchens out there that do have many thermometers and only one in five actually work. 

Get to your local shop and get one in your hot hands now. 

Are you like me and don't have time to get to a catering shop at normal hours? 

Click on my link and you can get one delivered straight to your door  Hospo Shop