why call a blog melbourne feast


Why call it Melbourne feast?

I'm here to explore hospitality from the inside.

IMG_0417There are so many chef blogs out there, showing off all that shines and is glamorous about the activities we participate in every day. ( I love exploring them too)

For some, our industry is about taking our customers to the highest level possible, making the customer forget about the day to day grind and then presenting them with a plate of life changing tasty bites.

Yet to others, all we do is change dirty linen and offer them a top up of dishwater that half resembles coffee and then say -


I want to share my journey with you and all the little day to day stuff that I do that makes all the difference.


And this, ladies and gentlemen,

                                                             - well this is my feast. ( and yes, I'm in Melbourne:)


We, the people of hospitality,  understand what it takes to get a morsel of food, or a clean napkin to a customer with high expectations.

You may be passing through this industry on the way to a law degree or maybe you are the next Brad Pitt, and you are working hospo to pay for your acting coach, or maybe like me you are in this great ocean of abundance by choice. Please feel free to email me and share your experience about hospitality. I'd love to put up a videos telling us your story as well. So contact me!!

Thank you for visiting my blog.