Food business success


So why am I setting on this journey of telling you how to become a success in the food business? To be honest, this how to book is more a story based on my journey in hospitality over the last 25 years. I am going to give you all my funny stories and then follow it up with a ‘ the moral of the story is ‘


Another thing to remember is that we all have a different journey and what is right for me may or may not be right for you. Maybe your approach is to serve low numbers and super complex items and my style is to maximise covers executed each day because that challenge makes me want to wake up and get out of bed every day. We all have the common goal here.


We are all serving customers and hoping to show them value and exceed their expectations.


Over the years I have heard people joke and make comparisons of our industry to the days of slavery and at some level, maybe they are connected.  However, for me my opinion is that the true human experience does involve at some point, the ability to be able to serve a fellow human with a need.  I know what some of you are thinking, tell that to me next time my customer is being a bitch about nothing.


I am going to set out the things that I have learned and that are important to me.


Maybe the road to success is similar to that of Dorothy from the wizard of Oz. We all know that in the end the Emerald city was full of shit and it is up to us to find that which gives us fulfilment and truth.


I congratulate you on being part of the hospitality industry.  We are like the chosen ones. You can somehow see that after all the hours of no sleep and all the days on your feet, no matter what, there is no other industry out there that makes us feel like we belong.


We all complain when we are on our feet and we all have days that just don’t work out, but something ( and believe me, it’s not the money) keeps attracting us back. When we aren’t at work there is like a feeling that you miss being part of the action. The feeling has its own personality.


I want to also let you know that this business is a marathon and it’s all about pacing yourself and searching for excellence the best we know how.


It’s all about being the best versions of ourselves that we can be and for me I am doing this with my food businesses.


Bruno Condello