This is about garlic abuse



As someone that cooks for a living, I can safely say that I have seen a lot of fads come in and out over the years. One thing however that is not going out of fashion ( unfortunately ) is the abuse of garlic.


You know what I am talking about. So you go out for a pizza and the pizza arrives and all you can taste is the sad abuse of garlic. You see, I don’t have an issue with garlic, or the clever use of garlic to make what you are eating more interesting and tasty. What I do have an issue with however is the use of that pre packed crushed shit that people in restaurants call garlic.

It comes in buckets and is super cheap and convenient compared to the real thing. Well the real thing that comes in the form where you need to peel it and then cut it up.


Some chefs even go to the effort of getting beautiful fresh garlic and then fucking it up and making it taste like the rancid preserved concoction that bottom of the pit food handlers like to use to fuck up their food with.


In fact I remember being at Chef classes in the 90’s and one of the classes was about chopping the garlic cloves up and then popping them in to a jar and salting them and then , well it would keep for days in great condition. Just like the one you can buy pre crushed.


Let’s then go to the fry pan during service. So many chefs in my opinion are just throwing garlic in the pan during service, just for the sake of putting garlic in a dish.


A few years ago, I was having some time off from full time employment and decided to do some agency emergency chef work for some extra cash on the side.


There were so many head chefs that would instruct me to put crushed garlic in dishes, just for the sake of giving food that pre eighties Italian flavour that the customers longed for.


I wonder if they had any real reason of why the dish needed garlic in the first place.

Most of the time, it was because they thought that Italian food needs garlic.

This is from a head chef from a popular western suburbs RSL.


So when making pasta with creamy prawns.

First you under cook the diced onion. Then you add the frozen Asian prawns, followed by too much cheap cask wine, then reduce it a little bit, then follow with a cup of cream and a table spoon of crushed bulk garlic. Add the over cooked pasta and then serve it for $15.


Don’t get me wrong, this is a super popular dish. However, in my books, life is too short to eat shit like this.


Let’s start back to basics and get fresh ingredients and treat them with some respect.


This is one way that I love using garlic

Get your veg supplier to give you some real mother fucking garlic.


Peel it. ( look it up on YouTube – really? Did I need to tell you how? There are so many ways. choose which ever suit you)


Get a super sharp knife or even a razor blade and then slice the garlic paper thin.


Heat up oil gently in a pan and when the oil is starting to gain heat, then place garlic in pan and keep the temperature on a low heat. Cook the garlic slow till they are golden and there is a beautiful nutty, garlic sweetish aroma.


This is now ready to go to the next step.


I love cooking the garlic, slow and golden as opposed to frying the shit out of it till the whole street smells like Lygon bad pasta trattoria from the excessive 80’s


Try this out and hopefully I have made you think about taking your skill to a better level