I like to think of cooking in I general similar to building an amazing structure, building or house, call it what you will.

You need to plan the process, then source the best components that you can afford. Then gracefully exploit all the ingredients and evolve the process to producing something that is of quality and that you are proud of.



Slow cooked lamb –


Lamb shoulder 2 kilo

Onion chopped



Olive oil



This recipe is perfect for highlighting as the main show case of the meal, or it can be used as a component as a part of a quality meal course.

Think about slow cooked Moroccan style lamb with Cous Cous – or think about hand made pita topped in shredded lamb shoulder with greens and feta.

Anyway – here is my basic foundation for producing a beautiful lamb dish that can actually take your cooking skills to a new level.


To sear or not to sear – that is the question!!


Ok – you need to go back to the planning here when deciding whether to sear or not.

So if the lamb is to be served sliced or as the ‘hero of the dish ‘ ( fuck I am over the way everyone says that ) then – yes I would sear it at this point .

If suvee method is being applied then you can sear at the end . ( this is another whole world here, so for today I am assuming you are Ol school and cooking the old fashioned way)



So let’s rub the lamb shoulder with olive oil and your selected herbs .


Then tie the lamb into a neat log.


Sear with some fat( if you have some rendered lamb fat from the last roast , this will add to the flavour.


Sear till golden brown and then place aside .


In deep dish, fry all the vegetables and then when golden, place the lamb deep within the vegetables.


If the end dish is meant to be saucy then I do like to place some peeled tomato( not much though )

If it is to be used as a component to another dish, then water and a splash of white wine is the way to go here. Cover the meat with liquid and then poach in oven or on stove till tender when pierced . I cook at temperatures below 90 degrees .


This can take up to 2-3 hours . Do not let the liquid boil .


Once the meat is cooked then take out of the poaching liquid and let rest and cool.


Place the poaching liquid on stove and reduce ¾. .

Season the meat partially. The meat will need further seasoning when being served .



Keep some of the thicker poaching liquid so that you can use it to moisten the meat when reheating . The rest of the liquid can be reduced even more. Till you get a saucy consistency.


Once the lamb is cold – portion control the meat into desires sizes and keep airtight .

Vacuum is the optimum system here. Place some of the poaching liquid in the vacuum bag and then store till required



When re heating . Keep in mind that the slower the reheat the better the texture will be.

Slow moist heating .

I have seen chefs stir fry meats straight out of the fridge and flaming up pans with stock.

This method is inconsistent in the result and in my opinion is fucked !!