April 26nd 2016

Should I buy that course? Should I hand my visa card over ? Is this the ticket to where I want to go?


After watching an interview today, I heard something that made me think for a while. The essence of what the guy being interviewed was saying was, when was the last time you were on a web page or read a book or saw a speaker and the person giving the talk or providing the information was not trying to sell you something. The only thing they were trying to do was give you every bit of information they had just so they could help their audience.  No cross selling to their next book , no direction to their course. Just honest information to pass on authentic information.

I was thinking then about people that come into our lives and become our mentors. I believe that when you find the right mentor, that person is authentically showing you their skills and brain stores for the reason that they just want you to get to the next level.

Or in other words – they want to offer help, for no other reason other than it is what they want to do and they feel right doing it.

So what is the moral of the story here? Well I just wanted to say that in this day and age of fast paced courses and people that claim that they can make you a superstar after you hand over your credit card. Sometimes you need to just get more authentic with the way we search and find real information about our journey ahead and passions .


Did that even make any sense?

I hope so – I believe it is time to search for authenticity as a qualification when evaluating whether or not to jump into courses and web pages and all round advice from everyone