Barilla Pasta Review



So I’m about to tell you about a pasta my grandfather in Italy use to swear by. He said it was the reason he lived to be 95. ( I’m half that )

Barilla pasta whether you like it or not, is one of the biggest global players in the pasta making community on the planet and it is over 140 years old and growing.

My grandfather use to boil his vegetables till almost done then throw some Barilla spaghetti in the water then dress the whole lot with extra virgin olive oil and call it perfection.

He pretty much brain washed me into thinking that Barilla was the best and the rest didn’t even come anywhere near it.  I mean, he did have organic vegetables and the best local made olive oil tossed in with his pasta. To be honest, any pasta cooked perfect would have tasted perfect mixed with those condiments.

However, I want to be fair and I want to admit, that Barilla pasta for me is spot on. I’m not a fan of the tortellini like items and some of the pre made sauces they make. I am referring however to the dried pasta that pretty much sells in every major supermarket around the globe.

The cooking of the pasta in my experience has been consistent and predictable which is a good thing in my profession.

I need to also mention that in my experience, about 10 years ago, we use to use it at one of my restaurants and I did notice that the pasta did take considerably longer to cook to aldente than it does now.  Is it just me or if you are an old bastard like me and remember cooking pasta in the old days, did you notice this?

My chef step dad use to say – Spigadoro spaghetti fucks all over it Bruno – ( I was on the fence with his opinion / comment TBH)

For those chefs out there that pre cook and hold the  pasta for later use, you will also find that Barilla pasta absorbs good amounts of oil and can withstand re heating and saucing with top  consistency as well.

I have found that when cooking for large groups of people, that there are better dried pastas that hold better, but I am still happy to use the Barilla pasta and get top results as well. So my verdict is that I am super happy to use Barilla Pasta.

Some chefs complain that the pasta is way over priced, and I need to disagree here.  The overall cost of the pasta is minimal in my experience unless you are using super cheap items, and to be honest, I haven’t been happy with the consistency of the cheaper brands overall.

So, yes before you disagree with me and say, there are way better pastas out there , what my point here is that, for the money and for the availability the pasta is still one of my favourites. Let’s not forget that for a company with a high turnover of product, they actually do a fantastic job of providing consistency and quality and that is rare these days for a company that big.

This product if you haven’t already tried it, gets a thumbs up from me.