So we were all having a chat the other day and one of the experienced lady helpers in the kitchen brought to our attention an interesting fact about pizza sauce. 

We have seen people get into serous verbal sessions about what is correct. Should you use a cooked tomato on top of a pizza base, or should it be the fresh, straight out of a tin pulp with a bit of seasoning? 

The truth is that in my experience , I remember eating pizza with both. 

I believe in some cases a seasoned then olive oil dressed sauce is actually perfect for most pizza. It maintains freshness of flavour and even provides the perfect balance of acidity to make every bite of pizza addictive and flavoursome. 


Cooking down a tomato sauce and then using it on the pizza base changes the end result and to be honest , I think that if the other toppings going on the pizza base are more complex, then the cooked down sauce will compliment them too. 


As mentioned, I have had pizza with both and have loved every one of them. 

Why not experiment? 


next time you fire up your pizza ovens , make some with and some without!! 

One of my favorite pizzas consists of only sauce and oregano. Try this – 

Roll out dough and dot with fingers. Pour a liberal amount of local olive oil and then top with tomato and oregano and then dress with more olive oil. 

This takes simplicity to another level 


Thank you for reading