Okay, so we know pretty much have all heard about pizza dough proving and resting for days in on end. Some add Italian still water and some choose to only use wooden tubs as they use to in the old days. But at the end of the day if i’m not wrong, what we are all searching for is a pizza that tastes really natural and a pizza that’s full of flavour.

After making puff pastry in my earlier chef days, I remember the fascination I had when I learned that the air gets trapped in the layers of the thin dough. Puff pastry making became almost an obsession.

The first few times, it was dense and tough. After making the pastry a few more times , my mind started becoming fascinated with the likes of french style pastries and the mixing and matching of all sorts of pastries from danish style to croissants. The air in between the layers was revolutionary.

After seeing many people make pizza around the world, I noticed that a lot of pizzaoli where using a similar folding technique when stretching out the pizza dough. I adapted my own method and now do believe that the fold in the pizza dough before it gets stretched , leaves the crust and centre more airy textured. The taste is revolutionary. Super flavour packed and lighter in the mouth.

As you may or may not be aware, my pizza obsession is for the Roman style pizza. That long tray of super punch in the face flavour is one of my favourite things in the world to eat. It brings me back to my first trip to Rome , when i walked into this super unassuming pizza bar near the Trevi fountain and had my first piece of Roman style zucchini pizza. What else can I say other than my brain went into a motherfucking melt down. Since that day , I am trying to chase that flavour kick that addicted me to long style Pizza.

So next time you guys are playing with pizza dough, try and do a multi fold of the dough before you stretch it out. Let me know what you think.

Bruno Condello

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