Welcome to the magical world of organising a party /get together / meeting or call it what you will , some kind of event.
You want everything to run super smooth and now you are at the enormous challenge of choosing the menu.
It will be easy right ?
Remember that cousins wedding you went to 3 years ago – the waiters offered you either fish or chicken. Maybe there was a vegetarian option .
How about that trip you had last holiday when the airline offered something on the meal for everyone.
It can’t be that hard can it ?
In my opinion, when it comes to menu planning we must have a vision. Am I going to impress everyone with something super modern and fancy?  or do I want to show off abundance and just highlight simplicity.
One element that heaps of people forget is that they forget to ponder on whether the food is to be secondary to the elements of the event. For example, If there is a massive grazing table at the tart of the event, is that going to clash with important speeches? Imagine the speaker trying to get the guests attention , while they are all fighting over extra prosciutto pieces before the pasta comes out.
We need to be ready for anything.
If the function is going to involve lots of speeches and presentations , then maybe less courses with more abundance is a better than having a 6 course degustation meal taster. Less interruptions is the main goal here.
Are we trying to impress with first impressions? If yes is the goal here , then a massive graze table could be an awesome talking point that is also a fantastic ice breaker at the start of a party.
What i’trying to say here is be ready for the event elements to intertwine with a fantastic menu.
Plan ahead and expect things to pop up when you least expect it.
Hopefully I’ve started the thought process and you can now approach the next event with an open mind when it comes to menu planning .
Thanks for reading ?
Bruno Condello